One of the three basic and most important elements of the workout is pull-ups. Whether you are a green beginner or a muscular master, they must be present in one form or another in your arsenal. Pull-ups work the muscles in your back and arms, as well as your pecs and abs. And don’t think it’s boring – there are many variations of the exercise, some of which can make you look at it in a new way.

10 best workout exercises


An example of how you can diversify pull-ups. To perform this element, you will need to strain the muscles of the shoulder girdle and body as much as possible. You must literally portray a typewriter – when pulling up, the head, like a carriage, moves from one hand to the other. And keep in mind, this element can be more complicated than it looks from the outside!


Are you a real push-up guru in any form – from any surface, with weights, claps, on your fingers? Give odds to any special forces soldier in this? Then try to perform an element that is considered the king of all push-ups. The point is to perform an explosive lift from the bottom point with the legs off the ground and straightening the arms. Happened? You really are Superman! If your level of preparation does not yet allow you to perform such elements, let this be an incentive.

Power outputs and lifts on the horizontal bar are another group of workout elements, which allows you to include the muscles of the arms, back, chest and abs, to varying degrees, depending on the exercise. The captain’s exit, or rise, is one of the not too difficult, but spectacular elements. Its meaning is to hang on the horizontal bar, and then hold your legs under it, raise them vertically and sit on the crossbar.


This element is a little more difficult, but more spectacular. It engages the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle and will help you prepare for mastering more complex exercises. Actually, it originally appeared as an intermediate one. From hanging on the horizontal bar with a neutral grip, you need to put your legs between your hands, and then, on these very hands, rise to the crossbar.

One of the most famous and popular dynamic workout exercises, it requires good basic training and has various variations of execution. The bottom line is that, having fixed the body in a horizontal position, make foot movements similar to walking. It would seem that everything is quite simple, but in reality it takes skill to complete.

A widespread static element that is included in the required program. The task is to keep the body motionless and parallel to the ground. In fact, this is a gymnastic horizontal hanging from behind, in which the hands hold the bar behind the back. Requires good basic training, loads the muscles of the forearm, abs and body. It also looks very impressive.

Since we are talking about static body delays, one cannot ignore such a well-known one as the “Dragon Flag”. According to one version, this exercise was introduced by the great Bruce Lee. And when it is performed, the muscles of almost the entire body work, and especially the press. From the prone position, you need to lift everything below the shoulders into an almost diagonal position, while keeping the body straight. You can’t bend your joints! But no one promised that it would be easy.


From the side, it looks very simple – you need to keep the torso parallel to the floor. But the element is very demanding on physical preparation – it mainly involves the muscles of the back and shoulders, as well as the abs and hips, which keep the legs in the air. If it seems to you that it is simple, try to perform an element on the uneven bars. Or, for example, do push-ups in the horizon.