Every athlete knows that proper nutrition is a big part of success in achieving the body you want. Only proper nutrition training will bring significant results. Sports nutrition is an essential part of an athlete’s diet. Proteins, BCAA complexes, gainers, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, etc. All this helps athletes feel great during strenuous workouts, gives energy and endurance, speeds up the process of burning fat and building muscle mass. training programs.

Sports nutrition

Protein complexes

The main component of sports nutrition is protein. The device helps to accelerate muscle growth and reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat in the body. There are different types of proteins:

  • whey protein;
  • casein;
  • egg and soy protein et al.

Proteins are divided into slow and long proteins depending on the amino acid chain. Whey protein is a fast type and should be consumed throughout the day. Two hours before training you have enough energy for intensive training, also after training to consolidate the result, because protein is known to be a building material for muscles. After a workout, your body absorbs nutrients well, which means the protein gets to its destination.

Casein is a slow protein, it will saturate your body with all the necessary amino acids for 6-8 hours. That means your muscles don’t stop growing while you sleep, and they’re not threatened by catabolic effects.

Protein complexes

Depending on the degree of purification, there are:

  • protein concentrate;
  • isolate;
  • water resistance.

Concentrate contains at least 60% protein and some carbohydrate and fat impurities. This form is the cheapest in terms of price as this concentrate is often used by athletes to build muscle mass.

Isolate contains over 85% protein, is more refined and is considered a middle ground between the three forms of cleaning. Whey isolate contains almost no impurities from fats and carbohydrates, which allows you to use it in the weight loss process.

Impregnation – the most expensive form of protein with a complex degree of purification. It has maximum protein concentration, no impurities and quick digestibility. The only disadvantage of this form is its high cost.

Complex protein: who needs it and why?

Protein Complex is a blend of different types of protein that provides the highest concentration of amino acids immediately after consumption. Slowly digesting proteins also nourish the muscles well.

The protein complex is suitable for people who want to gain muscle mass and for people who work on modeling or relieving the body, it also has some properties that should be taken into account in order to achieve the desired effect.

Varieties and properties of complex proteins

Protein supplements are irreplaceable in a special diet for a beginner or professional athlete. To achieve as many goals as possible, you should try to buy a specialized complex protein (multi-component protein) in Kiev in the BCAA.ua online store. Its composition is very rich and often contains the following ingredients: whey protein – very fast assimilation by the digestive system; casein – slow absorption for a very long time; egg and soy protein.

It is not easy for beginners to decide on a complex protein. This is due to the many types of proteins that differ in individual properties, production differences, and more. Depending on the degree of protein digestibility, these are:

ties of complex proteins
  • Integrated – used as a sports supplement to the main course.
    Slow – based on casein that slowly dissolves. These sports supplements are designed to build muscle mass quickly and effectively, especially when used regularly and correctly. When you use them, you can dry them.
  • Speed ​​- Thanks to their quick absorption, they can be used even during training.
    Protein complexes are mainly made of the following products: meat, fish, soybeans, eggs and whey. The best indicators are presented by manufacturers of sports nutrition from famous brands: Biotech, BSN, Dymatize Nutrition and some others.

Benefits of multi-component protein

Only a few are intensively studying the properties of proteins. It is much easier to buy a so-called “universal” product or a protein complex in Kiev that combines all the best you have heard about dietary supplements. In such cases, there is a complex multicomponent protein. Its advantage is versatility, because it provides the body with the right amount of necessary substances after training.
As already mentioned, the protein complex contains a protein. Depending on the digestibility characteristics, it ranges from fast to slow, which ensures an adequate supply of amino acids to the muscles. The effect lasts for a long time, even if it is impossible to eat.


Gainers are carbohydrate-protein mixtures. The carbohydrate content is 50-75%, the rest is protein. Gainers also contain minerals and vitamins. This cocktail promotes an energy boost and the accumulation of glycogen in the muscles. this increases your training performance and with it the results.

Taking a gainer after training allows you to fill up the formed deficit of carbohydrates and proteins in the body and recover faster after training. Gainers are high in calories, which contributes to better weight gain.

This protein-carbohydrate mixture is becoming more and more popular. This allows not only a much faster and better recovery after training, replenishment of the energy used, but also a much faster gain of the required muscle mass, as evidenced by a large number of positive reviews. The cost of the gainer largely depends on the quality of the components used.


Although most nutrients, proteins and carbohydrates can be obtained from the simple foods that the diet allows, it has its own characteristics. In particular, the amount and rate of element assimilation is much lower in conventional products than in specially prepared cocktails.

What do you need to know about the winner?

Gainer is a special sports nutrition supplement. Its main difference is that it is more than 50% carbohydrate. But at the same time, it also contains a lot of protein.

Without proper nutrition and a balanced diet, it is impossible to achieve good results in sport. Therefore, everyone who plays a variety of sports or leads an active lifestyle needs to know not only how to improve their performance, but also tolerate training better and recover faster afterwards.

Key characteristics

Gainers are balanced blends that have proven themselves in research and practice. Sometimes they are also called energy drinks, because after drinking the body’s energy potential increases significantly. Now you can buy dietary supplements in our online store at a great price.
The main purpose of gainer gain is to increase muscle mass. This is especially true for people with an asthenic physique without fat deposits, with a high rate of metabolic processes. For them, to build muscle mass is not enough regular sports nutrition with exercise. In this case, gainers solve the problem of lack of energy and material for internal processes of building muscle mass.

The positive effects of taking a gainer include:

  • provide an additional source of energy in the shortest possible time;
  • set muscle mass;
  • have a positive effect on long workouts with aerobic exercise and low-intensity exercise, so this mixture is suitable not only for bodybuilding, but also for other sports;
  • prevents catabolism (that is, the process of destroying muscle tissue);
  • promote rapid recovery after exercise;
  • allows you to easily maintain the weight at a certain level necessary for athletes (provided proper nutrition and diet).

In addition, it should be noted that these supplements have another positive property – they help relieve the burden on the digestive system. Due to the fact that athletes need to improve nutrition during periods of high stress, gainers can reduce the work of the stomach and intestines. This is because they contain a large amount of carbohydrates and proteins that are better and easier to digest.

Characteristics of reception depending on loading and purpose

The main purposes for which the winners will be selected:

  • increase in muscle mass;
  • Increase calorie intake to replenish stocks lost during strenuous exercise;
  • If necessary, they can be used as a substitute for several meals, if diet is impossible.
  • If you have a slim physique, such cocktails are simply irreplaceable. With intense loads and gainer techniques you can build significant muscle mass in a very short time.
Characteristics of reception depending on loading and purpose

However, it should be noted that these cocktails should be recommended with caution (or avoid them altogether) to people who tend to be overweight. In this case, carbohydrates can be converted into fat instead of muscle mass. For this reason, it is recommended to use only a mixture of slowly digestible carbohydrates and proteins.

How to take Gayner?

Gainer is a powder that is diluted in water or other liquid (milk, juice). The optimal portion – 40 g.

Basketball players, football players, swimmers, boxers are better to take a gainer 1-1.5 hours before classes. In this case, the body will receive the necessary amount of energy, which will achieve better results and then recover faster. If you eat right and exercise regularly at the same time, you can easily control your weight and create a pleasant muscle relief.
By using a protein gainer before your workout, you can do it with more intensity and duration because your body has received a fairly large supply of energy in advance. At the same time, amino acids, which are part of most foods, help prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue (catabolism).

Mass Gainer can also be taken 10-15 minutes after your workout. Thanks to such scheme the consumed energy is quickly restored, muscular fabric is formed and activation of processes of their destruction is prevented.